Acupuncture, the key to alleviate your pregnancy pain

Pregnancy is a precious moment in a mother’s life. As beautiful as it is, the body experiences a lot of changes in 9 months. The changes are not only physical but emotional as well.

During pregnancy women endure pain in different parts of their body. This is in addition to the morning sickness, cravings, and constant mood swings. Exercises are advised for women to deal with their lower back pain or hip pain. The worst pain out of all is the back pain which can hinder our lifestyle.

Dr. Max Mongelli, a former Clinical Associate Professor and Senior Consultant in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Sydney, recommends Acupuncture to alleviate your pregnancy pains. Mongelli gives a thorough explanation of why pregnant women experience pain in the later stages.

As the fetus develops, to accommodate its growth, the body releases a hormone named ‘relaxin’. This essentially relaxes the pelvic area and the joints; the con of this process is that our spine loosens as well which adds extra weight to our back region because of the instability. 

What is acupuncture and how does it help with pregnancy pain?

This is a traditional form of Chinese medicine in which needles are inserted into various pressure points of your body. It needs to be administered by a professional practitioner using clean and single-use needles. 

Recent study and researches have all been in favor of administering acupuncture as a pain reliever. It targets and localizes the pain through three methods. They are mechanical local action, neurological action, and hormonal action.

Around the pelvic region, the procedure will target muscles and tissue, the pressure applied, releases a neurological response in the form of serotonin and/or oxytocin. If done the right way it is one of the safest methods through which you can ease pain 

This procedure requires more research but so far it has not disappointed. In the research conducted by Matthew Bauer (2016), his results indicated that 16 sessions of acupuncture treatment have a great success rate in curing your pain/ailments. Acupuncture is also said to have detox effects on pregnant mothers who are under the influence. 

Before taking any decision with regards to your pregnancy, do a thorough study and/or research on the process of the procedures. Medicinal treatment of pain is risky as a pregnant woman, so it is highly recommended that you try and cure pain through non-medicinal treatments. Talk to you OBGYN as well. Max Mongelli is notably one of the best obstetricians out there, so it is recommended that you read through his articles and researches to learn more about pregnancy.

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