Management of COVID-19 in pregnancy and preventive measures

Pregnancy is usually an overwhelming experience for both parents. COVID-19 spreads through inhaling small droplets from when already infected people cough or sneeze. Since it has been declared a pandemic, it is natural for pregnant women to panic about themselves and the health of the baby. You must be aware of a few basic things.

Are expectant mothers at a higher risk than others?

This is the most common question asked. Pregnancy does suppress the immune system, and hence, a higher risk is often associated with it. However, there is no evidence that expectant mothers are at a higher risk of contracting the disease. There is also no proof that the virus can be transmitted to the unborn baby. Only older adults are likely to be affected more.

Is it safe to breastfeed?

Though breastfeeding is an entirely personal decision, you must be aware that reports suggest that COVID-19 is not transmitted through breast milk. However, if you are tested positive with COVID-19, it is best to isolate yourself and reduce the risk of transmission to others. However, at that time, it is encouraged that the mother expresses her breast milk, and someone else feeds it to the child.

How can you prepare yourself as a pregnant woman in such times?

The general guidelines include practicing social distancing, washing your hands often with soap and water, avoiding touching your face, and wearing a mask in case you develop symptoms. Apart from following these issued guidelines seriously, there are additional steps you must take.

Dr. Max Mongelli, an experienced and well-known specialist obstetrician, emphasizes that you eat healthily so that you get the correct supply of nutrients. In this emotionally draining time, ensure that you stay calm. Discussing your concerns with your antenatal care provider will benefit you. Moreover, you must also talk about your delivery plan and how to proceed with your appointments.

This article will help you with the answer to some of the most frequently asked questions in these times. Being an expectant mother in these times is difficult, but you must not panic and follow the guidelines thoroughly. Information regarding pregnancy and COVID-19 is continually being updated. Hence, educating yourself about it through reliable sources is very important.

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