How frequently should you see a gynaecologist?

If people knew how important women’s sexual health is and how precarious it can get, gynaecologists would not have been so underrated in this world. There is this perception among people that women should see a gynaecologist only after being sexually active because until then, there are no female reproductive parts having complications. This is the most misleading thought. The age of a woman and her daily life should determine the frequency of visiting a gynaecologist. Here are the basics of different frequency of visits:

  1. Initial visit

The first visit that a women should make to a gynaecologist should depend upon her age or her health. It is imperative to visit a gynaecologist after starting to be sexually active. It is good to get checked up by a professional for sexual health and to get clarity on any queries that may arise regarding it. Even if one is not sexually active, a woman should begin going to a gynecologist by the age of 21 as there are some sexual health issues that may arise even without being sexually active.

2. Return visit

Without any prominent problems surrounding her health, a woman should visit a gynaecologist once or twice a year. For most women, this frequency is adequate as it is sufficient for them to maintain a healthy reproductive health. If any problem may arise, the frequency should be increased, especially in the case of irregularities of periods, irritation around the vaginal area or pap smear issues.

3. Final visit

As far as routine visits are concerned, a woman should make periodic visits even after menopause. There are a number of female reproductive health issues that may arise even without having periods. The conditions of proper female health surrounding menopause are critical and post-menopause care is important too. It is okay for women of 68-70 years of age to make her last routine visit. For a specific issue, a gynaecologists should still be visited and consulted.

4. Other visits

It is necessary to take sexual health seriously and to take action by visiting a gynaecologist in the face of a problem. In spite of routine visits, there should be visits concerning specific problems. Dr Max Mongelli is the best gynaecologist for maintaining a healthy reproductive system and sexual health. There are grave problems that can arise due to negligence of even small issues. Each of them should be taken seriously and treated accordingly.

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