Why You Need to Get Regularly Examined by a Gynaecologist

A woman juggles between many roles at the same time. Be it, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, daughter in law, a woman plays them all at the same time. Because of this, finding time for themselves becomes quite difficult, and that’s especially true for working women. Owing to a lack of time for herself, she may assume a problem to be caused due to normal fatigue and ignore it, while in reality, it could be a lot more. These ignored issues could later turn out to be irreversible diseases. To avoid this, regular examinations by a gynaecologist like Dr Max Mongelli can be extremely useful which will also help in:

  • Prevention

A gynaecologist is trained to aid the detection of potential problems and risk factors in your health. During your test, your doctor will test for numerous diseases such as breast cancer, bone diseases, bladder diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and more. Your doctor will carry out a pelvic exam, where he or she will examine your reproductive organs so that any potential concerns can be found out and eliminated at the earliest. Your examination is also important in the upkeep of contraception if it’s applicable to you. Unsupervised contraception can also result in an unplanned pregnancy.

  • Addressing age-specific requirements

A woman has very specific health needs across different ages during her lifespan and your doctor is trained to identify those age-specific needs and take care of them. Concerning areas  like, fertility, hormonal changes, infections,  preventive testing, mood disorders, and menstrual issues require a different approach. They have to be dealt with in a specific manner according to a female’s needs at that point of her life . Informed gynaecologists like Max Mongelli can also help with non-gynaecological issues like domestic testing and mood disorders.

  • Knowing which body parts need to be cared for

The two most commonly affected organs in ladies are breast and cervix and the good news is that they can both be easily screened and any potential issue can be found out early and easily and be eradicated. An ultrasound of the reproductive system often gives indications of any underlying problem. 

Your gynaecologist should have only one focus: to maintain your health and address your unique needs throughout your lifespan. He or she should conduct regular tests to ensure proper diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, you should get the opportunity to ask questions and talk about your health issues in a private and non-judgemental environment.

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