5 questions that one must ask their gynecologist

Asking the right questions to your gynecologist is essential as the right questions can either give you the correct information or keep you in a state of confusion as to what needs to be done. Thus, if you are ever wondering as to what those questions might be that can help you during your pregnancy or trying to be pregnant, then they are as follows.

• What is the right birth control method for me?

Dr. Max Mongelli is an expert gynecologist and says that when it comes to birth control, it differs from one person to another. As everybody is different, there are several factors, such as hormonal growth, effectiveness, cost, and so on. Thus, knowing the working of IUD is recommended as it becoming popular in recent times.

• Is a mammogram required?

While women from the age of 40-45, tend to get a mammogram, it’s not essential that you get it. But to be on the safer side, detecting the early stages of breast cancer is vital and could save your life as well. Max Mongelli is a specialist that strives in lending some expert advice of checking your breasts to detect breast cancer without any mammogram required.

• Why is there vaginal pain?

Any sort of question-related to your vagina is vital. Don’t hold anything back as if it isn’t given enough attention; then it might lead to various conditions later on. Thus, do discuss it in detail with your gynecologist to find some solution to the problem.

• Should I be worried about my vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is completely normal, and it’s the way that the body is helping in keeping the vagina clean from any bacterial infections. But then if you see any discoloration and abnormal discharge of vaginal discharge, it’s essential to consult your gynecologist to determine the root cause of the problem.

• How often should I be tested for STIs/STDs?

Even though you might be free of all conditions possible, it’s often recommended that you get yourself tested at least once for STIs/STDs. You never really know when you might inherit such conditions and cause problems later on.

Thus, the above-given questions are few of the important one that one might want to ask their gynecologist. But based on your body health, the problems may differ. So, try to clear out all your queries about your body with a gynecologist for a healthier life.  

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