Eating for Two – Are You Too Serious About It?

Pregnant women often get tons of advice. One of them is to eat for two. Do you need to eat twice the regular size when expecting? Not really. You need to eat the right amount of food and healthy foods only. Eating more wouldn’t help, as it can cause complications by making you gain a lot of weight. This can trigger gestational diabetes. Get the right nutrition advice from Dr Max Mongelli, and stay fit when expecting.  

When you are pregnant, it is essential to take more calories. You need 100 more calories for the first two trimesters. This is when the baby is getting its shape and organs. Also, you need lots of energy to cope with. The 100 calories can be gained with an additional glass of milk, an apple or some sprouts. The key is to eat healthily. Quality matters than quantity. The baby needs your nutrition intake, and this is the foundation at the crucial stage of development. When you do not take healthy foods and take lesser calories, it can affect the child in the long run. Children of moms who took improper diets suffer from diabetes, hypertension, cardiac ailments, and obesity say the studies.

You need to rely on your weigh scale often, when pregnant. Make a chart of your weight gain pattern. Are you gaining more weight or aren’t you gaining enough? If the answer is yes for either of these, then you need to get the right diet chart specifically for your condition. This is where you can enjoy specialized and individualized care of Max Mongelli. The solution is formulated based on several parameters for each pregnant mother.

When you take the phrase ‘eating for two’ seriously, you would face complications during delivery and can end up in a C Section. Your diet must contain folic acid, calcium, which are vital during pregnancy, and lots of protein. Fibre and iron are nutrients are mandatory diet. Though your taste buds would keep an eye on ice creams, chocolates, junk, and processed foods, it is wise to control yourself. Take very minimal quantities when you feel like having these unhealthy foods.

Diet portions can be decided depending on your mindset and choice. Women with severe nausea and morning sickness can consider taking 6 to 7 portioned meals to ease the eating process. Do not worry about gaining too much weight, as your baby needs those extra calories for development and growth. Also, do not stuff much just because your baby needs more food.

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