Things to look for before choosing your Gynecologist

When it comes to your reproductive health, consulting the right person is immensely talented as you cannot take risks in this concern. Whether the issue is regarding your menstrual cycle, cramps, heavy bleeding, or if you are thinking of having a baby or you are already pregnant, then it’s the right to consult a Gynecologist. Discussed below are the things that you should take note of before seeing one:

1. Specialization of your Doctor: If you are having typical issues, then consulting a general Gyno can be fine, but if the baby is involved then you must see an obstetrician. For Example, Dr. Max Mongelli from Sydney has experience in problems related to fetal growth, ultrasound, perinatal medicines, and other pregnancy-related issues.

2. Experience in similar cases: Though you might already choose an experienced Gynecologist, it’s essential to know whether they have relevant experience specific to your situation or not. An experienced Gynecologist will be skilled enough to identify and solve the abnormalities if they arise.

3. Credentials are important: Always try to look for someone who has balanced credentials. These comprise of their qualification, board certifications, fellowships training, honors, etc.

4. Recommendation and patient base: The patient base of any Doctor reflects the level of his expertise. You would not want to consult someone who has negative reviews or who is new in the field. A good patient base and recommendation from trusted sources is always a plus point.

5. The reputation of the Gynecologist: Dr. Max Mongelli suggests that an equally important aspect to look for before choosing your Gynecologist is his reputation among the medical society. Always make it a point to examine the same before finalizing your decision.

6. Gender of the Gynecologist: This is something that you need to be clear about from the beginning; though it should not be an issue if you are not comfortable with the male gender then you can filter them out in the beginning. Many women are not okay with a male doctor examining their private parts. Though, one should never compromise with the other aspects before this one. Gynecologists are trained professionals who know how to handle their patients, and the parameter of gender should not be given priority for choosing the same.

7. Availability: If you are going to opt for a well-known gynecologist then surely you may have a tough time getting your appointments regularly, but because you might need her in the case of an emergency, you should be aware of her engagements and availability schedule.

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