Diet plans for pregnancy: Few Things you must know

Are you ready to start your family? Do you feel that you and your spouse are mentally prepared to have a child? Well, then the most important thing on which you need to pay attention is the diet plan. Proper diet chart must be followed from the time you get pregnant and till the delivery of your baby. You can bank on the suggestion for pregnancy care and diet by Dr. Max Mongelli.

•    A well planned Diet is not only necessary for the pregnant woman, but a proper dietary chart is also essential for the baby too. The baby will get essential nutrients from the mother and hence it is always important to take proper care of your health. 55,000 extra calories will be needed for making a healthy baby.  A pregnant woman will gain weight and hence a balanced diet should be taken every day. Excess weight before planning a pregnancy or accumulated in the pregnancy period can affect the chance of conceiving or may create risk complications. Keep a check on the pattern of weight gain during pregnancy and make a diet chart with dieticians’ advice.

•    Breakfast is the most significant meal every day. A pregnant woman should never miss having cow’s milk or in the morning. A pregnant lady needs a minimum of 3 glasses of nonfat milk or fortified soymilk for the healthy growth of the baby. You can also add oatmeal with lots of fresh fruits to give enough strength to your body. Apart from that Max Mongelli also suggested adding whole wheat bread and low-fat milk too in the diet.

•    During Lunch, you can add pulses, whole grains, nuts, and fresh vegetables in the diet. This will help to consume vitamin and other nutrients at the right proportion in your body.  During cooking, it is suggested to use rice bran oil or sunflower oils. These are a healthy choice for every pregnant woman. You can also include salads or soups in your meal to get more nutrients.

•    It is normal to feel hungry frequently during pregnancy. Well, you can have some snacks such as fresh fruits or walnuts or almonds, to add nutrition in the body. You can also add low-fat cheese to your diet so that you can redeem your hunger and get enough strength too.

•    Well, if you are planning for the diet for the pregnancy period, you should also need to know the food items to avoid. Most importantly, undercooked food or undercooked meat or fish should be avoided throughout the pregnancy period. While you are going to take any fruit, you need to wash the surface properly. Caffeine is better to avoid when you are pregnant.  

•    The body should get enough fluid during the pregnancy period. Take minimum 4-5 glass of water, to prevent constipation. Sufficient water in the body will support in expanding the volume of blood which can carry oxygen as well as nutrients for mother and unborn baby.

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