Tips To Handle Tough Time Of First Trimester Of Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? This is a dream day of a lady to give birth to a baby. However, there are various complex activities and problems associated with these days. You need to understand them and handle with care and ease. During these days, nausea, exhaustion, sore breasts and other symptoms are common that a female experience in the first trimester of her pregnancy. Such complexities improve after the fourth month and improve day by day. However, you should know a few tips and tricks to get away from this discomfort in the meantime.

Do you frequently exhaust?

Fatigue is common during the first phase of pregnancy as baby use tremendous resources of the mother. This leads to an increase in hormones and leads to extreme sleepiness. In order to feel better, you need to go to bed early, do not exercise but can walk slowly for a few minutes.

Do you pee a lot?

In case you experience frequent urination during pregnancy, this is due to the uterus growth. This puts an additional pressure on the bladder and leads to more pee often. The blood in the body increases and slowly increases after 14-16 weeks. Dr Max Mongelli suggests to drink more water that sustains blood levels and amniotic fluid.

Do your breasts hurt?

During pregnancy, breast swells, you experience sore nipples and other types of problems. This is due to the surging hormones that prepare milk. In this, breast grew for all the nine months and leads to soreness through week 12. In order to feel better, prefer a bra that is made of stretchy and soft fabric. It is advised to avoid restrictive underwire that can grow pain.

Do you feel queasy?

This problem is experienced in most of the women as an early sign of morning sickness during pregnancy. No matter when you feel sick, increased levels of oestrogen are a real cause of this problem and leads to vomiting and nausea. This also impacts gastrointestinal tract, cause food to digest at a low pace and relax muscle tissues. In order to overcome this, eat small meals, eat frequent and stay away from fried, fatty and spicy food. It is good to have something to eat by the bed, for this ginger tea and ginger ale is best. In any of such cases, it is good to consult Dr Max Mongelli for better support and guidance. You will easily overcome such complexities of pregnancy during first trimester.

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