Can Thyroid Screening Help Your Baby Become Smarter?

Maternal thyroid hormones play a vital role in IQ development of an infant. Research shows that such hormones are abnormal in pregnant women. Correcting hormonal balance is necessary to ensure the good IQ level of a child and go for the pre-screening to avoid any pregnancy complications.

As per medical experts and research on infant babies, it is revealed that the mother’s thyroid hormones play an important role in infants up to 16 weeks in overall brain development. The studies also found that imbalance of the mother’s thyroid hormone when too little or too much also helps to increase the risk of premature birth, other complications and pre-eclampsia. So it is necessary to find the answer to “Could thyroid screening make your baby smarter”. In order to find the right answer to this, it is best to consult with specialists like Dr Max Mongelli to understand the impact of thyroid hormones on infants.

It is recommended to go for the pre-screening at an early stage of pregnancy. Most of these tests are performed on women who experience clinical signs or early symptoms or a history of autoimmune diseases. Just visit Max Mongelli and get the screening done at an affordable package. So far such studies show that low thyroid hormone level has a direct effect on the pregnancy and brain development of the infant. Never negate the benefits of this test and the best way to find the potential risks that can have a direct impact on the brain development of infants.

As per the recent research, there are some mix and match results that reflect the impact of thyroid hormonal imbalance in pregnant women and corresponding impact in the IQ level of the child. Some results show fewer pregnancy complications and some shows no effect. Moreover, in some cases the results are experienced at a later stage of brain development of the baby, thus hardly have less impact. With the early screening of thyroid hormones in pregnant women and treatment will definitely help to improve IQ of child and reduce the overall pregnancy complications.

With all this, it is necessary to go for the early screening of the thyroid hormonal check of the pregnant women. This will help get the right medication and reduce the risk of low IQ or thyroid hormonal impact on the brain development of the infant. Hence, visit Max Mongelli and get the pre-screening done and get advice and medication from the professionally experienced doctors. This is the best practical approach for gaining deep insight into thyroid hormones and its impact on infant baby. Doctors at this hospital well understand that brain development and IQ of an infant baby also depends on the several environmental toxins.

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