What to avoid during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very tough time for a woman, yet one of the most memorable. These are a few things to avoid from Dr Max Mongelli.

During your pregnancy, obviously, there are some foods that you are supposed to avoid because you could affect your normal metabolism. Some things that have to be avoided are Raw Meat, Fish like mackerel, swordfish, sharks, tuna etc. Even raw eggs are containing food, soft cheeses and unpasteurised dairy. Stick to lean protein, healthy fats, vegetables and loads and loads of water.

Another thing to avoid is painting the room that you spend most of the time. There are toxins in the paint that are released once they dry and can harm the foetus.

If you love your caffeine, try reducing it. Since caffeine as a compound crosses the placenta, this stimulant can harm your child.

Try to avoid wearing high heels or stilettos. Before wearing heels, just make sure that you can balance well after wearing them. The only cause of worry is that when you are carrying a baby, your centre of gravity shifts and you might stumble after wearing heels.

One simple factor that mothers need to know is that they should keep their body cool. If you take hot water showers, make sure you keep the water lukewarm.

Smoking is awful for you and your child, yet used smoke can be about as terrible. There are around 4,000 synthetic concoctions in used smoke, and some of them have been connected to malignant growth. These are a few of the issues that can occur because of smoking.

  • miscarriage
  • premature delivery
  • low birth weight
  • learning or behavioural issues as your baby grows

Keep away from wine, brew, and alcohol during your pregnancy. Liquor passes rapidly from your circulatory system through the placenta and umbilical line to your infant, and this can hurt your building up a child’s mind and organs.

Other potential dangers include:

  • premature birth
  • fetal alcohol spectrum disorders
  • brain damage
  • birth defects
  • miscarriage
  • stillbirth

Most importantly, during pregnancy, make sure that you keep yourself busy and move around. Do not sit idle for long. This will keep you blood flowing well and also avoids the simple but painful condition of swollen ankles.

Before taking any form of medication over the counter, always cross-check with your doctor and keep having regular check-ups to prevent any form of unprecedented issues.

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