You’re expecting! Congratulations! What to do next?

Dr. Max Mongelli is a pioneer in the area of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. He has gained his professional qualification from the University of Nottingham in the year 1996. Of all the topics that he deals in, today, we are going to discuss an aspect wherein he guides his patients in how you should proceed once you find out you’re pregnant.

It has been talked about that doctors see moms-to-be until 8 or 12 weeks into pregnancy. The question should be, why not sooner? You must start taking steps to make your pregnancy a seamless and a healthy one. Let’s see below on what steps you can take when the baby is on the way.

  • Look into leave

“Maternity leave may seem like a long way off when you’re only a few weeks pregnant, but it’s not too early to begin thinking about how much time off you’d like and can afford,” says Carol Buckler, coauthor of Everything a Working Mother Needs to Know.

You must be a little apprehensive in telling your supervisor about the pregnancy until you’ve reached the second trimester when the risk of miscarriage is on sight. You can use this time to check the maternity-leave policy of your company.

  • Get moving

The feeling of fatigue may make you slouch on the couch all day for the whole of nine months, but exercise will make you feel energized. It also has the capability of controlling weight gain and helps to get rid of constipation and premature delivery. You’ll also have extra strength when it’s time to push the baby out. Stick with swimming, walking, or cycling, which are not very tough on joints. Thirty minutes of such activities three or four times a week is the perfect amount.

  • Safe playing

You must be aware of the need to avoid alcohol and cigarettes. But there are other things too that need to be avoided. Consult with your doctor before consuming cough syrups, other over-the-counter products, or sleep aids as they may contain ingredients that can harm the baby. You must also avoid unpasteurized juice or milk, bagged salads, and soft cheese.

  • Save the money

“The less you owe, the better,” says Peter Finch, coauthor of How to Raise Kids Without Going Broke. Make sure that you eliminate as much debt as possible as having a baby costs a bundle. Try to uplift the level of your savings.

  • Make as many connections as you can

Make sure that you take plenty of advice relating to pregnancy from books and your doctor. But when you take help from the pros, that’s the real catch. Get to know new parents in the neighborhood or your surroundings. Parents will be forthcoming in offering advice relating to maternity clothes and morning sickness.

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